Programming Schools List

There are many coding and programming programs to choose from. Choosing the right school depends on your personal and career goals, but there are some things to consider.

New York has popular computer programming schools. ASA Institute, Marist College, and SUNY Tech at Farmingdale are options. Marist College and SUNY College of Technology at Farmingdale are public colleges.

Most programming degrees require introductory and intermediate courses. Introductory classes cover computer systems and OS interactions. Students can also take advanced computer, programming, and data analytics classes.

The University of Denver Coding Boot Camp teaches programming languages, soft skills, and real-world projects. CodeAcademy offers online learning, professional development, and coding courses.

CS for All Teachers is a community for computer science teachers. Black Girls CODE teaches 7-17-year-old girls computer programming.

Project Lead the Way provides hands-on learning for pre-k-12 students. Girls Who Code is one program for women and minorities.