Popularity of Programming Languages

Programming language creation is difficult. Patiently do research. It’s doable. Most languages take 10 years to become popular.

Statistics can show a language’s popularity. These statistics aren’t an industry snapshot. They use heuristics. Certain language rankings are biased.

TIOBE Programming Community index measures language popularity. Rankings are calculated using search engine results, popular websites, and third-party vendors. Monthly updates. YouTube, Bing, Wikipedia, and Yahoo are indexed.

Another popular programming language popularity index is PYPL. This index analyzes Google searches for language tutorials. Language popularity increases with tutorial searches.

Developers and software companies are other popularity indicators. Look at how many web users complain about an unpopular language. Better numbers don’t necessarily mean a language is more popular.

Programming languages have gained popularity. Some are widely used, while others are new. A language with good support and better developer solutions will gain popularity.