Google AdSense Alternatives – Which One is Best For You?

Google AdSense is a good moneymaker. You earn money from your site’s unique content. However, it’s not the only online moneymaker.

You can make money online with Google AdSense alternatives. Consider your situation when choosing an option.

Most websites use Google AdSense. They have the most ad inventory. Google AdSense gives webmasters ad impression commissions. They have tools to track site traffic.

Google also offers an ad exchange, called Adx. The exchange offers more options than AdSense.

Ezoic is an AdSense alternative. This ad network helps publishers manage premium ads. They have tools to identify your website’s most popular posts.

Bitmedia’s another. This ad network offers effective ads. Targeting options maximize conversions.

PropellerAds is an AdSense alternative. This ad network targets desktop, mobile, and video/movie sites. Unique features are available. In-page push ads, pop-unders, and native display ads are also available. They have good CPMs.