Is Containers/packaging A Good Career Path?

Packaging and containers can provide a change of pace or extra cash. The industry has seen a rise in jobs in recent years, and employment growth is expected to continue. Container and packaging have advantages over traditional manufacturing and warehousing. Ability to make things, larger product market, and decent salary. Many businesses rely on packaging … Read more

Is Integrated Oil Companies a Good Career Path?

Integrated oil companies are a global powerhouse. Their employees have a variety of jobs with competitive pay. Integrated oil companies refine, produce, market, and distribute oil. The average employee’s income is higher, but the risk of injury is higher. It would help if you had an engineering degree to work in the oil industry. You … Read more

Is Packaged Foods a Good Career Path?

The packaged foods industry is great for food scientists, marketers, and product manufacturers. It offers jobs, a steady paycheck, and benefits. The packaged food industry is growing. With food demand rising, the industry is booming. Packagers, consumers, consumer strategists, salespeople, and engineers are needed. A high school diploma or associate’s degree may be required for … Read more

Is Power Generation a Good Career Path?

Power generation offers careers for students, graduates, and adults. A growing industry with good pay and job security. Engineering, computer programming, and accounting are energy industry fields. Some jobs require training and degrees. Any energy enthusiast can work in this industry. Electricians install high-voltage power lines. Powerlines are installed, maintained, and repaired. People may require … Read more

Is Railroads a Good Career Path?

Railroads have historically mistreated their workers. The railroad industry has seen layoffs and cost-cutting. So railroad jobs won’t boom in the coming years. If you’re considering a railroad career, know these things. You need a high school diploma and certain qualifications to work on the railroad. A background check, drug test, and random alcohol test … Read more

Is Automotive Aftermarket a Good Career Path?

Automotive aftermarket enthusiasts can repair cars or run their businesses. Training can help you succeed in this booming industry. Automotive aftermarket jobs range from mechanics to salesmen. Auto parts are changing. Technology and body styles are improving vehicles. Companies are expanding to meet demand. More qualified workers will have jobs. Employees can interact with people … Read more

Is Apparel a Good Career Path?

Consider selling apparel if you want to change careers or supplement your income. On-the-job training is common for many low-skill jobs. If you’re skilled enough, you could be a fashion designer. Fashion is varied. There are many burgeoning careers you may not have considered before. You can open an online clothing store and sell to … Read more

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services a Good Career Path?

If you love to travel or want a career in transportation, air freight/delivery may be for you. This industry offers high earnings potential and many jobs. It offers growth and advancement opportunities. Air freight/delivery is a global industry. It’s a fast-growing industry expected to grow 6.5% by 2024. Many start as warehouse workers and drivers … Read more

Is Telecommunications Equipment a Good Career Path?

Consider telecom equipment if you’re looking for a career or are just curious about the industry. The growing industry offers many opportunities. You’ll have plenty of options whether you’re a millennial or want a stable career. Telecommunications equipment careers are a great way to break into the industry or the latest technology. This is a … Read more

Is Beverages Production/Distribution a Good Career Path?

Beverage production/distribution is your career if you want good pay and benefits or to positively impact the world. This fast-growing field has many opportunities. Beverage production/distribution requires technical skills. These jobs involve industrial machinery and drink development. You must also understand storage and distribution. You must be able to calculate drinks and discounts for some … Read more